Follow the Golden Rule

We’ve all heard the famous adage to ‘treat others as you want to be treated’. But how much weight does it really hold? In a world where we challenge almost everything – from the coronavirus pandemic and economic issues, to social inequities, climate change, and more – the notion of following this so-called ‘Golden Rule’ can seem idealistic at best.

But the turthu is that the Golden Rule is all we need to create the world we want.

Join in this journey towards hope in spite of life’s many complexities. The Golden Rule should remain at the heart of our mission for global progress!

The Golden Rule

Empathy is key when engaging with other people, and the golden rule provides a single answer to make empathy possible in our lives. It states that we should treat others as we would want them to treat us. This simple concept has powerful effects – it encourages empathy, love, and peace between everyone. Applying the golden rule can help us better understand why kindness towards others is so important and how this will lead to a better world in which everyone’s unique needs are cared for.

How the Golden Rule creates a peaceful world

At the core of creating a more peaceful world is the understanding that we should treat others with the same respect and regard that we desire for ourselves. We often forget this essential truth, known as the Golden Rule, in our day-to-day exchanges. To make sure that we are following the golden rule, we must take into account both individual beliefs and contexts. This means that beyond just thinking about what we might expect from others, we should also consider our own words and actions from perspectives different than ours. Doing so can help us develop stronger connections with those around us and create an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and cooperation–a true recipe for lasting peace.

Promoting justice and fairness

The Golden Rule is a timeless adage that guides us as we strive to create a more just society. By treating others with kindness and respect, and by acting in accordance with the same moral code we expect from them, we can cultivate an environment in which justice and fairness serve as the foundation. When everyone takes this approach, the result is an inclusive space where everyone can feel safe and respected regardless of their beliefs or backgrounds. Every step we take toward adopting the Golden Rule enables us to move closer to a better world. Here lies not only peace but also opportunity; when all view one another with compassion, it allows each individual to thrive within their own unique talents and potential. To build a better future, let’s start now by embracing the Golden Rule into our everyday lives.

Applying the Golden Rule

Applying the Golden Rule to everyday situations can bring about massive change in the world. It forces honesty, accountability, and above all else, empathetic behavior. Fostering honesty manifests in honesty with our speech and communication with others. People become accountable for their actions, words and implications they impose on the people around them. Most importantly, it promotes empathy across individuals which can ultimately lead to the resolution of conflicts or disagreements. After all, living by the principle ‘treat others you wish to be treated’ is key to sustaining a compassionate and unified community.

Cultivating Compassion

The Golden Rule has been around since time immemorial, giving us a simple yet invaluable guide to interacting with one another. What many don’t realize is that this powerful ideal can be used to cultivate growth and empathy, allowing us to better understand and support each other on a deeper level. Following the Golden Rule offers us the chance to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and experience the world through their eyes, which can create a profound shift in how we live our lives together. In today’s world of fast-paced growth and constant change, the simple yet timeless words of the Golden Rule have never been more pertinent, teaching us that only by treating others as we’d like them to treat us can we achieve true harmony among humankind.

Religious and the Golden Rule

Looking at religious traditions which embrace and support the principle of the Golden Rule, it becomes clear how better our world could be. This timeless adage combines the wisdom of various spiritual paths into a simple statement that is easy to comprehend and apply. Christianity, Buddhism, Quakerism and Judaism all offer examples of this bedrock principle, presented in a clear and straightforward fashion. Far from being an unattainable ideal, embracing the Golden Rule as a guide to better behavior leads us to a better world today.


Whether it be giving a homeless person your pocket change or not taking advantage of someone’s naiveté, the Golden Rule carries with it a much profounder message: that we are connected to one another in an infinitely powerful and meaningful way. By understanding this connection and living by the principles of the Golden Rule, we can collectively create an existence where compassionate kindness reigns supreme and peace becomes a shared pursuit across all of humanity. Such an existence is possible, but only if we actively choose to live by the Golden Rule – every minute, every hour, every day. To help you continue on this journey together with us, consider signing up for our newsletter for more tips on how to apply the Golden Rule in everyone’s lives.

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