Worried About the State of the World?

Do you live in constant despair for the future?

Tired of endless complaining?

Looking for solutions?

I have some good news – We’re not completely screwed yet!

Welcome to Less Bad – we’re I’m working on the two-step solution to all our problems:

  • Step One: Figure out what we want.
  • Step Two: Make business do it.

It’s THAT simple!

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What’S The Plan?

When you subscribe, you’ll get a series of emails that explain the main ideas behind the site, the framework to make things better. It’s not that complicated, really.

At the basic level, we just need to do two things. From there, we have a relatively straight-forward path for making progress.

The Simple Way to Make Things Less Bad

1 – Figure out what we want – Collaboratively create an evolving roadmap or framework for the goals we want to strive for, and strategies to get us there.

How We Fix Everything >>

2 – Make the private sector do it – Leverage consumer choice to encourage the private sector to use more of their resources to help . Corporations have the resources to help improve society. Governments are clearly not up to the challenge so turning to business is really the only option.

Impact Consumerism >>

That’s what the central idea is. What I’m referring to as Project: Fix Everything and Impact Consumerism:

Figure Out What We Want
  • A framework/road for making progress
  • Collaborative, cross-disciplinary community
  • Collecting and highlight groups working on problems
  • Identify problems, causes, goals and strategies to improve, to make progress

Project: Fix Everything >>

Make Business Pay For It
  • Using consumer choice to reward companies that are helping.
  • Demand businesses get involved, help identify strategies.
  • Communicate those strategies to consumers, help educate about the fundamental issues.

Impact Consumerism >>

With a working framework of our goals and strategies, and the power of consumer choice, we can create the world we want. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but at it’s core that’s the message of Less Bad.

We’re dedicated to making these ideas work.

“We humans are smart enough to have created complex systems and amazing productivity; surely we are also smart enough to make sure that everyone shares our bounty.”

-Dr. Donella H. Meadows

We think Dr. Meadows might have a point..

Here’s a five-part breakdown of how we get there:

Intro - A Reason for Hope

Intro – A Reason for Hope

We can do a better job using the resources of this wonderful planet to improving life for all of us.
How We Fix Everything

How We Fix Everything

A roadmap of where humanity is going and how to get there.
Impact Consumerism

Impact Consumerism

The private sector can't keep sitting on the sidelines as we decend further into chaos. We need businesses to help. #DemandMoreforYourDollar.
The Humanity Index

The Humanity Index

How can we evaluate the impact of companies on society? Join us in developing The Humanity Index, a transparent evaluation of corporate social impact.
So Now What?

So Now What?

Now what? How do we make those it happen?

Navigating Less Bad

The site comprised of pages that are tagged with two of eight components. Each page falls into at least one of four categories, Business, Government, Environment or Society. Additionally, each page falls into one of four buckets that relate to the problem solving framework – Goals, Strategies, Problems and Causes.

So navigate around the site and see what catches your interest. Feel free to shoot me a message.

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