How We Fix Everything

In the previous post, I explained how Less Bad is founded on the belief that real, meaningful progress can be achieved in terms of two broad concepts. Namely:

  • Formulating a plan, and
  • Enlisting the free market

This artilcle addresses the first of these concepts, an attempt to meet Lincoln’s wish.

A way to understand where we are and where we’re heading so that we can decide what we want, and how to get there.

I’m calling this rough outline, or roadmap, of just what it is we want “How We Fix Everything.” That’s the name of the plan.

Whether it’s inflation, polarization, global instability, mass shootings, health care, etc., most of us can quickly find things to complain about – areas that aren’t how we want them to be. Complaining might as well be the national pastime.

Where we often fall flat is what to do about it. How to make progress, make things a little better.

To make meaningful progress toward improving life for everyone, we need a way to organize our priorities. How We Fix Everything is that plan.

Right now How We Fix Everything is mostly an idea. Eventually, I envision it taking the form of something like Wikipedia. But instead of describing issues as they are, it’s focused on understanding issues at the basic, fundamental level. In terms of why things are the way they are and what can be done about it.

A platform where reasonable and constructive individuals, non-profit and charitable groups, business representatives, and more can collaborate. Can work together to break down different issues to track what the problems are, why they are like that, things we want to change or achieve, and how we are making progress.

By breaking down problems in terms of what makes them worse and what would make them better, we can build a roadmap of progress. A project plan for that whole world.

Each “problem” can be studied and broken down. With a solid understanding of why things are the way they are, identifying steps to improve the situation becomes much easier. There are millions of smart, dedicated people out there who know how to improve all kinds of things. Who want to do more.

Figuring out a way to direct that talent as efficiently as possible will help us as a species make better progress faster.

The goal of How We Fix EVerything is a framework that allows collaborators to explore societal ills, their contributing causes, related goals, efforts underway aimed at reaching those goals, and the best ways to make progress.

So that is the first of the three main concepts – How We Fix Everything.

Of course, knowing what we want to do isn’t the same as actually getting there. Talk is cheap, progress is much harder.

In the next email, we’ll explore how to ensure we can make progress, How We Fix Everything.

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