AI is Helping Less Bad is dedicated to providing insights and meaningful discussion to help us as a country make progress toward fulfilling our goals. This encompasses a lot.

It would be wasteful to ignore the power of technology, including artificial intelligence, as we strive to make a better world. Much of the content on our website was crafted in collaboration with several AI tools. This content has been edited, expanded upon, and made more usable for our readers, but in many cases has been primarily generated by the robots.

AI has the potential to significantly enhance our understanding of various topics and ideas and I often use it as a content generation assistant. As a one-man-shop with so much work to cover, it would be negligent not to employ as much time-saving technology as possible.

Even though AI often generates rich and semantically impressive content, it doesn’t always perfectly align with human perspectives, reality, or what’s best for the country. A lot of bias is built into the training data that becomes apparent as you use AI. On the path to sentience, AI is still a crude tool.

That said, I hope and believe the content on Less Bad is what data nerds might call “directionally correct” – that is, they generally point towards the right concepts, ideas, and strategies to help us progress. Even if the data (or content) don’t exactly mirror reality, the general points are valid.

The point of Less Bad isn’t to decide anything. The point is to foster a discussion and help illuminate ways forward.

The intention is not, and never will be, to provide infallible, exhaustive information on any particular subject, but rather to facilitate conversation and exploration on these matters.

If you come across any content that you believe may be factually incorrect, contradictory, or need further clarification, please get in touch. Your feedback is incredibly valuable, and I’d be more than happy to address your concerns and work on improvements.

At, we remain committed to fostering an open and impactful community. We appreciate your understanding and support in our mission to leverage the power of AI responsibly for the greater good.

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