Getting Money Out of Government

If there is any hope of the government ever truly representing us we’ve got to stop our elected officials pan-handling from the wealthiest people and corporations in the country

The power of money in politics is infuriating. The government doesn’t represent us. It serves corporate masters.

Money shouldn’t be a tool for political power and influence, but it happens on a grand scale every day. When wealthy individuals and corporations drown out the voices of ordinary citizens, it leads to policies that benefit the rich at everyone else’s expense.

Our elected officials are controlled by special interests unknown to most of us.

It’s time to take a stand and demand a change.

We must act now to get money out of government and reduce its influence on our political landscape.

It isn’t easy – but it’s our only chance for a functioning government.

The Corrupting Influence of Money on Politics

Money undermines the principles of democracy, allowing those with more wealth to sway elections and prevent progress on essential matters.

The impact of money in politics can be seen in a variety of policy areas, from healthcare and education to environmental regulation and tax policy. When wealthy donors and corporations can influence these decisions, it can lead to policies that exacerbate inequality and harm vulnerable populations.

It’s the way it’s always been, but it’s no reason it always has to be that way.

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The Influence of Money in Government

The Influence of Money in Government

Big money circulating in Washington is destroying the country. Elected officials aren't responsible to the people, and only care about their bank accounts.

We Can Take Back Our Democracy

It’s time to repair our Democracy and return power where it belongs – in the hands of us, the citizens. We can restore our democracy by getting money out of government.

Demanding stricter rules around political contributions as well as more transparency on behalf of corporations can help us reverse this corrosive trend. It is daunting, but it is possible to limit the influence of special interests in our governing systems and create a fairer outcome for all of us.

Getting money out of government would help move us toward so many important goals:

A Competitive Marketplace

A Competitive Marketplace

A free market can provide incredible things. When companies compete fairly for consumers, society wins. We need a competitive marketplace for progress.
A Functioning Government

A Functioning Government

Our government must function properly. Find out why it's so important to have a functioning government today!
Competent Leaders

Competent Leaders

Is it too much to ask for real leadership? Having adults in the room would go a long way toward making things better. Can we do it?
Government Accountability

Government Accountability

Attaining Government Accountability - The only way to create a better country is to ensure our elected leaders are accountable to us. We need politicians to do what's best for
More Accountability

More Accountability

Increased accountability can drive progress. Lack of consequences for wrongdoing are detrimental. More accountability is crucial for a better future.
Real News: Unbiased Sources of Information

Real News: Unbiased Sources of Information

A functioning Democracy requires a trustworthy media. We can't hold the powerful accountable if we don't know what's happening. We need real news.
Strong Communities

Strong Communities

Strong and thriving communities have the power to drastically improve everyday life across the country. They help everything and are an important goal.

Strategies for Getting Money Out of Washington

Getting money out of the government is undoubtedly a difficult task, but it is not impossible. Many strategies can be employed to reduce its impact on the political system.

Corporate Accountability

It’s easy to get carried away blaming the corrupt politicians, but it’s corporations handing over all the money.

True, businesses often are exhorted and it might seem like they don’t have a choice, but that’s because we consumers haven’t made ourselves heard in this area.

Consumers have the power to hold corporations accountable for their influence on the government in several ways.

Here are some strategies consumers can use:

  • Demanding Transparency: Consumers need to demand companies disclose their political spending and lobbying activities and what goals they are pursuing. Social media makes it super-easy to pressure companies when they are not acting for the public benefit. By shining a light on these activities, consumers can hold companies accountable for their influence on the government and make informed decisions about which companies to support.
  • Boycotts: Consumers can boycott companies that engage in unethical practices or that have too much influence on the government. A well-organized boycott can send a strong message to companies that consumers will not tolerate a company unduly influencing government officials.
  • Consumer Activism: Consumers can also engage in consumer activism by organizing protests, signing petitions, and using social media to raise awareness of companies’ actions. This can put pressure on companies to change their behavior and reduce their influence on the government.
  • Supporting Ethical Companies: Consumers can also support companies that have a track record of ethical behavior and a commitment to transparency. By choosing to spend their money with these companies, consumers can send a message that they value ethical behavior and that they will not support companies that engage in unethical practices. Pretty soon, companies with smart leaders will get the picture and follow suit.
  • Shareholder Activism: Consumers who own shares in a company can use their shareholder rights to pressure companies to change their behavior. This can include filing resolutions, attending shareholder meetings, and engaging in dialogue with company executives. This is what Republicans mean by “woke capitalism,” and the general concept is also referred to as impact investing, ESG, ethical investing, and more.

Overall, consumers have a powerful role to play in holding corporations accountable for their influence on the government. By using their purchasing power and engaging in activism, consumers can send a clear message that they will not support companies that engage in unethical practices or have too much influence on the government.

Reward Helpful Corporations


Reform The Election System

Reforming the election process can be an effective strategy for reducing the influence of money in politics. Here are some ways that election reform can help:

  • Public Financing of Elections: One key reform is the establishment of a system of public financing of elections. This would provide candidates with public funds to run their campaigns, reducing their dependence on private donations. Public financing can help level the playing field for candidates who don’t have access to large amounts of money and reduce the influence of special interests.
  • Redistricting Reform: Reforming the redistricting process to make it more fair and transparent can also help reduce the influence of money in politics. When districts are gerrymandered to favor one party or another, politicians become less accountable to their constituents and more beholden to big donors who can fund their campaigns.
  • Primary system: The primary system can also be reformed to reduce the influence of money in politics. By opening up primaries to independent voters and allowing candidates to compete without having to rely on corporate donors, politicians will be more accountable to their constituents and less dependent on wealthy donors.
  • Ranked-Choice Voting: Implementing ranked-choice voting, where voters rank candidates in order of preference, can also help reduce the influence of money in politics. This system incentivizes candidates to appeal to a wider base of voters, rather than just their core supporters and reduces the likelihood of negative campaigning.
  • Term limits: Instituting term limits on elected officials can help reduce the influence of money in politics. Limiting how long a politician can stay in office, reduces their ability to accumulate power through the use of corporate donations and favors. It prevents politicians from becoming too comfortable in their seats, keeping them accountable to the constituents who elected them.

Campaign Finance Reform

Reforming the campaign finance system can involve passing laws that limit the amount of money that can be donated to political campaigns, requiring more transparency in political spending, and encouraging small-dollar donations.

Enforcing Campaign Finance Laws

While many improvements can be made to campaign finance law, at the most basic level we can start by enforcing existing laws. It is too common to see politicians and special interests flouting the laws on the books with impunity.

Increasing accountability and cracking down on offenders can help reduce the influence of money in politics.

We pretend like we have laws, but we don’t. There’s no enforcement mechanism, definitions are purposely vague, and dark money makes the rules useless anyway. Some action toward accountability can begin to give these laws a bit more shape. At least bring more of the discussion to the public sphere.

The laws we have are pretty useless in terms of reducing corruption, but until there are more changes to the law (or the media starts doing its job), there won’t be new laws anytime soon. The least we can do is enforce what we have.

The government should be held accountable for making sure that laws are enforced and contributions from corporations, special interest groups, and individuals are all limited.

Reforming Campaign Finance

One of the most important steps we can take to get money out of Washington is reforming campaign finance laws. The way elections are paid for has a huge influence on how politicians behave and what policies they pursue.

  • Contribution Limits: Setting contribution limits on campaign donations can also help reduce the influence of money in politics. By capping the amount that individuals or organizations can donate to campaigns, politicians are less likely to be swayed by large donors, and candidates are encouraged to seek support from a broad base of supporters.
  • Disclosure Requirements: If we can’t put limits on donations, we should at least know what the heck is going on. Requiring greater transparency in political spending can also be effective in reducing the influence of money in politics. By mandating that candidates and outside groups disclose their sources of funding, voters can better understand the motivations behind political spending and make informed decisions.

Additionally, a system of public financing of elections would allow candidates to receive public funds to run their campaigns, reducing their reliance on private donations.

Overturning Citizens United

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision allows unlimited corporate spending in politics, leading to an influx of dark money in politics. Overturning this decision would be a significant step towards reducing the influence of money in politics.

there are a few ways that Citizens United could potentially be overturned:

  • Legislative Action: Congress could pass a law to overturn or limit the effects of Citizens United. This would require support from both the House and Senate, as well as the President’s signature, and would face legal challenges.
  • Constitutional Amendment: A constitutional amendment would require two-thirds approval from both the House and the Senate, and then approval from three-fourths of state legislatures. A difficult and lengthy process.
  • Supreme Court Decision: The Supreme Court could reverse its own decision. However, this would require a case to come before the court that presents a strong challenge to the ruling, and for the court to be willing to reconsider its position. With the current makeup of the court, this seems unlikely.
  • State and Local Action: While federal law supersedes state law, states, and local governments can still take action to limit the impact of Citizens United within their jurisdictions. Some states and cities have passed laws requiring greater transparency in political spending or providing public financing for campaigns.

None of these are likely anytime soon, but they aren’t entirely out of the realm of possibility.

Reducing The Size Of The Government

It might be obvious, but reducing the size of government can be effective in mitigating the influence of special interests and money in politics.

When a government has a large role in regulating and controlling various industries and sectors, it can create opportunities for special interest groups to exert influence and control over the decision-making process. These groups may use their financial resources to lobby politicians and government officials to advance their interests, often at the expense of the broader public interest.

By reducing the size and scope of government, the number of regulations and policies that special interest groups can influence may decrease. This can reduce the incentives for these groups to engage in lobbying and campaign finance activities and make it easier for the government to act in the interest of the broader public.

Shrinking the government effectively

This could mean cutting back on unnecessary regulations, streamlining agencies and their budgets, or eliminating ineffective programs. All of these measures would help reduce the power of special interests and make the government more efficient.

  • Repealing unnecessary laws and regulations: The government has passed countless laws and regulations over the years, many of which are unnecessary or outdated. Repealing these laws and regulations would reduce the size of the government and free up the private sector to create jobs and grow the economy.
  • Privatizing government services: The government currently provides a wide range of services, many of which could be provided more efficiently by the private sector. Privatizing these services would reduce the size of the government and save taxpayers money.
  • Devolving power to the states: The federal government has taken on too much power in recent years. Devolving some of this power with the states would reduce the size of the federal government and give states more flexibility to meet the needs of their citizens.

By shrinking the federal bureaucracy, there is less money to waste and fewer opportunities for special interests to sway politicians.

A small government is less likely to be captured by special interests and more likely to be responsive to the needs of the people.

Speaking of the people…

Citizen Participation

It would be easier if we could leave it up to the politicians and the private sector, but clearly, that’s not working too good.

Promoting citizen participation in the political process is the only way to limit the influence of money in Washington. It gives citizens a voice, holding elected officials accountable for their actions and decisions. The more involved people are in politics, the more likely representatives will be to their constituents’ needs and concerns. After all, if politicians know they are being closely watched by those who put them in office, it is unlikely that they will be swayed by monetary interests.

Citizen participation should go beyond voting and protesting; those who are passionate about politics must get involved in their communities. Whether it’s through volunteering for campaigns or attending local council meetings, the importance of being informed and having a say cannot be overstated.

Grassroots organizing can be an effective strategy for reducing the influence of money in politics. Encouraging people to get involved in politics, advocating for reforms, and building a movement around these issues can help create the political will necessary to enact change.

Sustained Engagement

Finally, it is important to recognize that meaningful change will require sustained public engagement and pressure. By staying informed and engaged, citizens can hold their elected officials accountable and demand policies that promote the public interest rather than the interests of wealthy donors and special interests.

Even More Ways To Get Money Out Of The Government

Close the Carried Interest Loophole

Close the Carried Interest Loophole

Effectively closing the carried interest loophole is a critical measure to create a more equitable and balanced economy.
Demand Transparency: We Can't Make Progress if We Don't Know What's Going On

Demand Transparency: We Can’t Make Progress if We Don’t Know What’s Going On

More transparency is the key to progress. Demanding real answers to tough questions if the only way we can hold power accountable.
Eliminating Dark Money

Eliminating Dark Money

The influence of dark money erodes democracy and creates an imbalance that heavily favors corporations and wealthy individuals.
ESG Claims Need Transparency: Lobbying Disclosure is the First Step

ESG Claims Need Transparency: Lobbying Disclosure is the First Step

Corporations need to be clear and honest about how they impact the government.
Impact Consumerism

Impact Consumerism

The private sector can't keep sitting on the sidelines as we decend further into chaos. We need businesses to help. #DemandMoreforYourDollar.
Reform the Finance Industry

Reform the Finance Industry

Reforming the finance and banking sector is essential to ensuring that the finance industry works in the best interests of society as a whole. Only by holding banks accountable for
Reform the FIRE Sector

Reform the FIRE Sector

The FIRE sector is one of the most corrupt aspects of America. We've got to root out and prosecute the corrupt elements.

Things Would Be Better If Money Played A Smaller Role

Getting money out of government will lead to a more efficient, effective, and accountable government. By reducing and perhaps one day eliminating the influence of money in politics, we can put our faith and trust back in the functioning of our democracy. The future of our country depends on it. If we take action now, maybe one day we’ll have a government that is truly by the people and for the people.

The Urgency of Action Now

Our political system must be changed. The influence of money has been allowed to creep in too far. Soon, it will be impossible to reverse its damage.

Now is the time to act – the longer we wait, the harder it will be. We must reclaim our government and wrestle power away from profit-minded interests. The government needs to represent the interests of all people, not just the wealthy and well-connected. When millions of people stand together with a shared goal, governments have no choice but to listen – let us make our voices heard and put an end to the cycle of money ruling politics once and for all.

History has shown that big money corrupts political systems, but we cannot afford to be discouraged; instead, we need to take charge of our democracy. We must strive for greater transparency and accountability in the movement of money in politics and ensure that those who hold public office are held to the highest standard.

We have to build cooperative, bipartisan coalitions and continue pushing for reforms, even when it seems like all hope is lost.

There’s a saying the AI has – “Never travel too far down the wrong road before turning back.” We’ve been traveling down the wrong road for a long time.

It’s time to turn back.

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